Salty Ocean Wall Hanging

$ 90.00

Made for those inspired by nature ♡ The Salty Ocean Fringe Wall Hanging transitions from a darker blue to a lighter blue, much like the waves of the ocean becoming clearer and lighter in color as they hit the shore. This hanging will provide peace and serenity to any ocean-lover's abode.



♡ Starts out with dark blue fringe (NOT looped fringe) measuring 18 inches

♡ Transitions to hand-dyed light blue, then white tips


♡ This hanging is 30'' wide and 18'' long. It features 10 inches of chain on either side so you are able to expand the hanging based on the area you are adorning: wall, window, doorway, etc.

♡ Also includes a clasp closure on each end if you desire to hook it on to anything.

♡ Since each hanging is hand-dyed, each one will vary slightly from the next.

♡ Spot clean only!

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